Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Dynasty Jewelry and Loan?

Dynasty Jewelry and Loan has been serving the Greater Atlanta area in Norcross since 1987 with high-quality customer service while providing short-term collateral loans when people need us and purchasing items from people when they want the most cash.

What is the Dynasty Difference?

At Dynasty, we strive to be Different. Being Different is an attitude, a better way of doing business. We are Different by exceeding customer expectations. Beginning with our inviting atmosphere, to the friendly attitude of our personnel, to the care in handling our customers’ valuables, you can see and feel our Difference. The Difference is about the value we place highly in our employees, and our customers. The Difference brings you back time and time again. 

Discover The Difference—The Dynasty Difference!

Where is Dynasty Located?

Dynasty Jewelry and Loan currently has one location in Greater Atlanta in Norcross at 5075 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Norcross, Ga 30093.

Do you have a set value you assign for certain items?

Dynasty looks at every item individually. We assess the item and assign a loan value based on key factors about the item such as the market value and condition.

What is the difference between buying and getting a pawn loan?


When we buy or purchase an item, you simply sell the item to us for cash immediately. 

Pawn Loan:

When you take out a loan at Dynasty, we secure your items until you pay back the loan. Loan terms are 30 days – you can pick up the loan anytime within the 30 days by paying the principle + the interest of the money borrowed. Need more time? You can simply pay the interest to extend the loan term another 30 days. Should your needs change and you do not pay back the loan, you forfeit the item without any worry of an impact to your credit score or your ability to borrow from us in the future.


My item has already been appraised – will I get the same value when I sell or get a loan?

Generally speaking, most appraisals are written for insurance purpose replacement value. This is often an inflated retail value that is way above the current resale value. We appraise items based on the current resale market of the item. 


Do I need an appointment?

Part of The Dynasty Difference are our convenient store hours and you never need an appointment, we are here to serve you!. For most circumstances, walk-ins are always welcome! It may be a good idea, however, to call in advance in case you have something we may not typically purchase, or a rare find, or something that may need additional research or specialists.

Does Dynasty charge for appraising my items when buying or loaning?

There is no obligation to sell or get a loan on your items. We give you a value we feel comfortable buying or pawning your item and then the decision is yours. 

If you want a written appraisal for your jewelry for insurance purposes, we do charge a very low, competitive price!

I don’t like how pawn shops are portrayed in the media. Should I be concerned about leaving my valuables at Dynasty?

You never have to worry about leaving your items at Dynasty. Your items are secured and insured while at Dynasty Jewelry and Loan. Dynasty Jewelry and Loan in Norcross, Georgia has been a trusted name in pawn since 1987, but president Ben Levinson’s family pawn history goes all the way back to 1923, when the family first opened for business in Richmond, Virginia. In 1941, Jack Friedman established the Bonded Loan Office in Columbia, South Carolina, which has been family owned and operated ever since.

Ben Levinson opened Dynasty Jewelry and Loan in 1987. After 12 successful years servicing the greater Atlanta area at the Buford Highway store, Dynasty moved to Norcross on Jimmy Carter Boulevard, where it has continued to build a reputation for great customer service, great quality, and most of all, great deals.

At Dynasty, we offer a variety of services and inventory, and we value our relationships with both our customers and our community. We are committed to providing the best customer service and giving back to our community through involvement in the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce and numerous national and local charities, as well as the Future Business Leaders Scholarship Fund. We are also proud supporters of the National Pawnbrokers Association and the Georgia Pawnbrokers Association.