1- Bring in an item of value along with a current, government issued ID.

2- Dynasty takes a look at your item, gives it a professional and rapid appraisal loan value.

3- Review the terms and if you decide to proceed, just sign your pawn ticket.

4- Your item will be stored securely during the course of the pawn and available for pickup when you pay it back.

5- If you don’t redeem your pawn, then the item will be sold.


The difference between buying and getting a pawn loan:

Buy: When we buy or purchase an item, you simply sell the item to us for immediate cash money.

Pawn Loan: When you take out a loan at Dynasty, we secure your items until you pay back the loan. Loan terms are 30 days – you can pick up the loan anytime within the 30 days by paying the principle + the interest of the money borrowed. Need more time? Call or stop by our store to speak with a member of our team who will help you explore your options so that you have more time to pay it off.