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Is this handbag real or fake?

Want the look of high fashion and love luxury designer handbags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Gucci? You can find these bags on marketplace and craigslist, unbranded kiosks, and even flea markets in Atlanta and the surrounding area. So, it’s important to know if the bag is real or fake.

Here at Dynasty Jewelry and Loan, we have a highly-trained team of specialists that see hundreds of luxury items every week. We also use the latest AI technology from Entrupy which enables us to guarantee the authenticity of every luxury item that we sell.

The tips that we share in this article will help you learn from our experience in authenticating luxury handbags and knowing whether it’s real or fake.

How to identify a real luxury bag

With some specific signs varying by brand and design, some things are true for almost all luxury handbags. These tips will help you quickly spot the difference.

Consistency and neat appearance

Major brands do not mess up their logos and lettering of their names. Logos of strange and proportions are a telltale sign of fake bags. The letters should be clean and evenly spaced. A fake manufacturer cannot always copy the exact curves, angle, and the right thickness of letters and logos. A fake bag may have uneven letters and varying sizes. So, make sure you notice the difference in the brand marks of the bag you’re examining. Authentic luxury handbags will typically have their brand name in several places and even on the hardware.

Analyze the stitching

You will never find leftover glue anywhere on a luxury bag. Check along the edges and sides of the stitching and you should not see any glue. Also, there should not be loose threads and imperfections. So, a simple exploration of the stitching on a bag can help you make sure you’re not choosing a fake bag.

Materials should match

One of the most important tips, when you visit a pawnshop, is that the materials should match. Materials vary with designs but some of them should be the same when it comes to luxury bags. For instance, the zipper pulls, chain links, buckles, logos, and buttons should have the same design, weight, and level of polish. If the bag you choose has an interior material that varies from the other bag’s design, it may not be real.

Styling and Craftsmanship 

Counterfeits might offer in colors, shapes, or styles that authentic bags are not. It’s hard to replicate the aesthetic of a genuine item. So, make sure you look at the little details to see if it matches the authentic appearance and always do an online search of the manufacturer’s photograph of the original bag. Luxury handbags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Balenciaga, and Goyard are intended to hold their shape and feature quality craftsmanship that never feels cheap.

Top brands use top materials

Luxury fashion bags are known for their superior quality. The materials used in luxury items are of higher quality than non-luxury brands. You’ll almost never find plastic parts on a luxury handbag, for instance. The materials and craftsmanship will superior, even in non-leather materials.  Also, leather material should never feel sticky or appear to peel or crack.

Dynasty is the best place to buy, pawn, or sell luxury handbags

According to US Customs and Border Protection, buying counterfeit goods damages our economy and supports criminal activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking, while leaving you with an inferior, if not dangerous, product. That’s why Dynasty takes authentication seriously. Stop by our Atlanta pawnshop and our team of experts will happily authenticate your luxury item for a nominal fee, even if you’re not selling or pawning it with us.

Shopping our extensive inventory of luxury bags offers perks that you simply cannot find anywhere else including the ability to put the item on layaway and trade-up or sell the bags you aren’t carrying any longer. Carbon-conscious consumers know that we’re committed to sustainable shopping, even for luxury goods.  We invite you to visit our showroom and discover The Dynasty Difference today!

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