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Wearing your pearl necklace for Joctober?

Here in Atlanta, there’s been renewed interest in pearl jewelry thanks to outfielder Joc Pederson who has been spotted wearing a pearl necklace during games this postseason. 

According to The Sporting News, he was first seen wearing on Sept. 30 when his team clinched the division. On Twitter, he said that his reason for wearing it was a mystery but later shared with WSB-TV that he simply liked the style. 

Like other Braves fans, we like Joc’s style! If you’re caught up in “Joctober” like us, then you may be pulling your own beloved pearls out of the jewelry box to wear and show your Braves pride! 

If so, we’d like to invite you to stop by our store for a free bottle of jewelry cleaner that’s safe to use on your treasured pearls as well as diamonds and other gemstones.

While diamonds may be forever, pearls can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Here are a few helpful hints:

  • ‘Last on, first off’ is a golden rule of pearl care that helps you avoid exposing your pearls to makeup, perfume, or other materials. 

  • Manage the moisture to which your pearls are exposed, particularly the string. Wearing a pearl necklace with a wet string can weaken it and risk breakage. 

  • Enjoy your pearls frequently, they’re a classic beauty, and be sure to keep them well-maintained by having them inspected and restrung as necessary. 




If Joctober has you wearing your pearl necklace in support of the Atlanta Braves, then stop by our store and mention this post for a free bottle of jewelry cleaner (and yes, it’s perfectly safe for pearls!)! While supplies last–go Braves!