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Should I buy jewelry from a pawn shop?

Of course, why not? When you buy jewelry at a jewelry store, yes, it is brand new, but who really cares? You can pay anywhere between 100% – 500% markup for an item just because it is brand new in a jewelry store. At a pawn shop, especially Dynasty Jewelry and Loan you are guaranteed to SAVE MONEY for the same things!

At Dynasty, we refinish all the jewelry that goes out for sale by polishing out all the scratches, and then placing them into our ultrasonic deep cleaner, and then steaming off any dirt and debris that may be hiding under the diamonds and colored stones to make your piece of jewelry look brand new! While not all pawn shops do this, we feel that you should get that brand new look out of the jewelry you buy at Dynasty! That is part of the Dynasty Difference!

Joel Levinson, our VP, is also a GIA Diamond Graduate and estimates the carat weight, the color, and clarity of all the diamonds that are for sale. You can trust that you are getting what you paid for!

Jewelry is in our name, and we pride ourselves on the amazing selection of previously loved jewelry available for sale. You will be surprised to see what you can find at our store. We also can order many items brand new through wholesalers of ours that many other jewelry stores order from as well, we just don’t mark up the price so high! Visit us and Discover The Difference, The Dynasty Difference at Dynasty Jewelry and Loan!